Tembea Nakuru is a listing website owned by Baseline Marketing Group The best Digital Marketing Company in Nakuru and even Outside Nakuru.

It allows All kinds of businesses including, Hotels, Schools, Events all types of businesses, Professionals eg MCs, Doctors, Actors, Drivers, consultants, mechanics, Lawyers etc.

Once you want to register your Business on Tembea Nakuru

Step 1.

Click TembeaNakuru.com

then click on Add Listing at the top of the page

Step 2

Register with your Name, Email Address and Your preferred password.

After registration Login

Step 3

Select the kind of Listing your business is all About.



Step 4

write the Name of your business under Tittle, eg Baseline Digital Marketing

Then Write Everything about your business, What you sell, Where you are located

This should be Atleast 10 Lines or Two paragraphs For your business to be Approved, Have a detailed Explanation about your business.

Step 5

Upload a featured Image (The image that will be representing your company or business or brand)

under gallery Upload a Minimum of other 3 images (Pictures) about your business


Step 6

Select opening and closing Hours of  your business, (Select at least 5 days of the week)



Step 7

Copy Paste the Links to your Social media channels eg Facebook, Instagram and twitter.


Step 8

Select the location of your business by Typing a building where your business is located or a nearby place or the name of your business if it is on Google.

Step 9

Select the Brand color of your business and Upload your Logo


Step 10

Select the Category Where your business falls.

Step 10

THEN CLICK  DONE to Publish your Business.

After you have Entered all the Above details, Kindly Pay a 1 Year Fee of Ksh. 2000 for your business to be Approved

Through Lipa Na MPESA Till 215950

If not Approved Within 30mins kindly  Call 0719 190 334 or Send the confirmation message to this number